Take Action

1. Write Your Legislator

It’s easy!

2. Tell the media

Help craft local media coverage by letting newspaper editors, producers, and reporters know what matters to the people in their area, and why.

Be sure to mention if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You don’t want Oregon’s money going into the out-of-state Wall Street banks that crashed our economy
  • You’re proud that the State Bank proposal is generating bi-partisan support from representatives
  • You believe in proof; this proposal is closely modeled after the Bank of North Dakota, which has been in successful (and profitable) operation for 90+ years
  • Your job was affected by an employer’s ability to get credit

3. Attend a Public Event

Check back for upcoming events.

4. Volunteer

Can you spare a few hours? How about a farmer’s market? Donating time is invaluable. We’re in need of people interested in data entry, research, community and media outreach. Email Advocate@PublicBankingCT.com for more information.